Alec Nguyen is a full time freelance photographer/filmmaker that specializes in portraiture, fashion, journalism and wedding photography based out of New York. He has mastered the craft with a unique style. Having shot over hundreds of different events and projects, his expertise in capturing his subjects emphasizes emotional fluidity that portrays the underlying core of human connection.  





"I believe we are put on this earth to help others and not be afraid to make ourselves vulnerable. In a way, I make myself very susceptible to my subjects as I photograph them. I have to get to that “place” with them. Where ever that place may be. Mentally, verbally or emotionally.. It takes a lot of energy. But once you get there and they see that they aren’t the only one struggling.. They no longer feel alone in this process. We are all human and we are designed to feel everything. Most of us are told to stow away our feelings. Because of that, so many people lock themselves behind walls. So be kind and be open minded to everyone you meet. Humans just want to relate."

- Alec Nguyen